Yay Area Terminology 101

Compliments of my cuzzo Kermz

151- Stands for 151 Bacardi, which is the amount of proof in it, also pronouced One-Five-One
415 - 415 is the area code for San Francisco. It roughly describes the physical area of San Francisco City. 415 used to be the area code for the Bay Area, but is now broken into several area codes. 415 is also the name of a now defunked group out of Oakland, featuring Richi Rich.
6-9 Village - The 69th street projects in East Oakland (Longwood Gardens).
707 - North bay
850 - 850 Bryant, San Francisco is the address for the San Francisco County Jail. It stands omniously in SOMA, and can be seen from the freeway to the Bay Bridge. Many San Francisco rappers refer to this building as 850.
925 - the Co Co county
5150 - Crazy.

A-1 Yola - Top notch cocaine.
AK-13 - Sureno.
AK-14 - Norteno.
Adam One- Popos code for the area of South Side San Jose which has the highest drug rate in the city
All gravity - All good.
All gravy - All good.
Archie Bunker - Bammer weed.

B -------------------------------------------------
B - Town - Berkeley, CA.
Backwood or Wood - kind of cigar used in blunt-making
Ballin' - Short for balling. i.e. Boss Baller.
Bama - Someone who does not know how to dress. For example, someone who wears a red shirt with bust up no name jeans
Bammer - Bad, Phony. Made infamous by RBL's classic "Don't Give Me No Bammer Weed."
Bangin' - Top notch female.
Barkin - Telling everybody about what you own.
Batch - A bitch (E-40 and B-Legit)
BD - Baby daddy.
Beezy - A b*tch, female.
Bendas - Girls who will love to bend open there legs for just about anyone.
B.F.O - Brother from Oakland.
Big Willie - Someone who has a big ego.
Blade - A sucka.
BM - Baby mama.
Bomb - weed
Bop or Bopa - Girl who will have sex with anyone.
Bootie - Bad, phony. Made infamous by E-40 and the Click.
Bootie Crack Corn - Bad, phony.
Bootsie - Bad, phony. Made infamous by E-40 and the Click.
Boostin Mine - makin me feel good.
Boarderline - A corrner in San Fransico sunnydale
Boss - A hog ass ni**a . About his scratch and quick to check a batch.
Boss Baller - A real big baller
Boss Head - A Bitch dat gives head.
Bootch - A bitch (E-40 and B-Legit)
Bubble- Any luxury car with tha bubbled out eyes.
Bubbling - Rising up, coming up. Bubbling under.
The Burg - Stands for the city of Pittsburg, home to rappers such as the Mob Figaz, Laze, and Bobby Blake
Bluebird - Refering to something that is hassling or bothering you. It could refer to anything from the police to a nagging girlfriend.
Bleezy - Blunt.
Breezy - Female, broad.
Broccoli - Marajuana, weed.
Burners - A cellular telephone that is being used illegally.
Buster - Describing a person that is fake or a phony. Someone who does not deserve respect. Buster Brown - People that hang around when they're not wanted.
Buster Keaton - Describing a person that is fake or a phony. Someone who does not deserve respect.
Butch - Bitch ass ni**a.

C -------------------------------------------------
Cabbage - Money.
Cake - Cocaine.
C-Note - $100 bill
C-side - Central Richmond.
Cavi - Something really nice or good.
Captain Save-A-Hoe - Somebody who will do anything for women. A fool who will buy dinner, diamonds, pearls, clothing, etc because
he thinks that he will get some play but always ends up alone. Chaps - Hating on Nortenos.
Ca$h Flow Ca$tro Valley.
Chassie - Women's body.
Cheddar - Money.
Chevs - Chevys, Caprice, or Impalas
Chewy - Marijuana laced with cocaine.
Chip - A cell phone that is stolen and therefore used to make illegal and free phone calls.
Chong - marijuana laced with crack cocaine.
Choppin' it up - Having a conversation: talking
Chrome - Chrome or gold rims
City of Dope - Oakland, California
Clean - When somethin hella tight.
Co Co county - Contra Costa County
Colliflower - Marijuana.
Collie - Marijuana
Cock-Blockin' - Playa hatin'.
Contact - intoxication by second hand smoke.
Chop Suey- Chinese AK.
Come-up - Jackin' nice things or make money sellin' dope.
Crackin' - A fine female.
Crescents - Crescent Park (in tha Rich).
Crestside - Neighborhood in Vallejo.
Cuddie - Folks from Vallejo's Crestside District.
Cuddie Bang - Pineapple juice, gin, bacardi, lime ,and tanquery.
Cudies - Homies, folks, friends (Mac Mall)
Cutie - old school cutlass.
Cuttys - Cutlass Supreme.
Cuzzo - A friend.

D -------------------------------------------------
Da Corns - The Acorn Projects.
Da maro - old and new Camaros.
Da mob - East Oakland residents that put money over b*tches.
Da mobie - An old car that you act crazy in.
Da Rich - Richmond, California.
Dank - Marajuana.
D-Boy- A drug dealer (Spice 1, Young 'D' Boyz)
'dale - Short for Sunnydale, public housing in the southern part of San Francisco.
DC - Daly City.
D-Dub-A - girl that's been around the block way too many times.
D-Game - The dope game.
Dipped in Butta sauce - Hella fitted, g'd up, creased up from tha feet up.
Dirt - Something bad.
Dirtymeda - Alameda, CA.
Dirty 30's - All 30th streets in West Oakland.
Dogtown - The beginning of West Oakland.
The Dolph - A street in the Lakeview District of San Francisco where they sell cocain crack weed etc.
Don Jaun - Done deal (E.P.A.).
Dove - A $20 sack.
Dub - A 20 dollar sack of dosia.
Double Rock - Public housing across the street from Candlestick. The biggest concentration of killings in San Francisco in 1994 was at
the 254-unit Alice Griffith Housing Development, known as Double Rock. Six occurred near Griffith and Fitzgerald. All of the Double Rock killings are unsolved, though many occurred in front of witnesses.
Dosia - Marijuana
Dozier - Marijuana.
Duck - ugly ugly ugly girl.

E -------------------------------------------------
Eastside O - East Oakland.
EPA - East Palo Alto.
Errrreeeeee - A call in the ghetto
E.S.O - Eastside Oakland.
Evagreen, da green - wellknown mid part of east san jose wit crazy hoods as meadow fair, flamgain,etc.
The Evil Side - East Side San Jose
E.X,EX,E.C Street - Excelsior District in San Francisco, east of L.V, south of Mission District

F -------------------------------------------------
Faded - gettin drunk.
Fastlane - Ballin' outta control.
Fa' sheezy, Fasheezi - Meaning 'for sure'.
Faulties - A cellular telephone that is being used illegally.
Faulty - Fake.
Fashazel - Same as fasheezy.
Faydah - Marajuana, weed.
Feddie - Money.
Federal - To get respect from others.
Fedex- an individual that delivers quick mail (money).
Fillmoe - Fillmore District in San Francisco, also known as the Western Addition. Home of Rappin' 4-Tay, JT the Bigga Figga and the
GLP, San Quinn, Seff the Gaffler, and Dre Dog. Filthy Moe - Fillmore District in San Francisco. "Major factor fedex" (E40, Fed, 1995).
Flam Artist - Some one who tries to hard to be flammy (flamboyant).
Flamboastin' - Rising up, coming up.
Flammy - Short for flamboyant.
Flashin - Trippin off stupid shit.
Flip it - Selling an item/items illegaly on the street.
Flossy - Showing off. Also flossin'
Flooda - Small area in E.P.A.
Flush - have a lot of cash to spend on the ladies.
Federal - Going Federal, going major. Describes making it.
Fogtown - Frisco.
Folded - A fool getting knocked out from behind.
Folkies, Folkers - Friends, homies.
The Folks - Friends, homies.
Fo sheedo - for reals.
Four fittaleeny - 415 San Francisco county.
Frisco - San Francisco.
Funktown - 10th street to the twomps (Oakland).

G -------------------------------------------------
G-Ride - A dope ass car
G-Town - The Gardens in EPA.
Gank, Gankin' - Fake drugs, no good drugs,faking; selling generic drugs
German chocolate cake - A Kilo of A-1 Yola.
Gerpin - Trippin off some perv, or a outty ass sitchiation.
the Gateway - nickname for Daly City (gateway to the peninsula).
Ghostown - Heartless area in West Oakland.
Gold feet - Chrome or gold rims
Gold ones - Gold teeth.
Gravy - good.
Grill - Gold teeth.
Grimmy - Crack laced joint.
Grinding - Selling drugs of any kind on the street.
Grip - Money.

H -------------------------------------------------
Half-zip - Half ounce.
Harbor Road - Main street through Hunter's Point projects.
Hay - Bammer weed.
Hayward - Haystack.
Hella - A lot
Heen - Hennesy.
Henny - Hennesy
Highland - Projects on Highland St. off of Mission St.
High Sidin' - Looking past people. Ex., "Mobbin' pasy ya block high sidin'." (E.P.A.)
Hillside - Neighborhood in Vallejo. Home of E40 and the Click.
Hoe cake -Sucka, someone who does not have respect(E-40).
Hog - All about his money. Don't share with anyone but friends.
Hoo rider mark - a sucka, a bammer, "Ni**a you a hoo rider mark" : from HIEROGLYPHICS.
HP - Short for Hunter's Point. Home of Herm Lewis, 11/5, U.D.I.
Hubba - Crack cocaine.
Hubba Roc - Means a mark ass ni**a or a punk roc!
Hutch - Female.
Hurt - Ugly ass female/ni**a.
Hyphe - Hyper and Fly.

I -------------------------------------------------
Ice Cream Man - Crack dealer. See the Luniz's video "Playa Hata" with the Ice Cream truck. Also listen to Master P.
Indo - Marijuana.

J -------------------------------------------------
janky - Lousy, phony.
Jay Bizzle - Headshotz, skully mouldaz, oral sex.
'jects - Something that is cheap. Short for projects
Jeepin' - Creepin' behind someones back.
Jones - House (E.P.A.).
Juicin' - Going out with a women for their money, not for their looks or body.
The Jungle - The Marin City housing projects where Tupac used to live, and home to 5150, and some fucked up Sheriffs.

K -------------------------------------------------
Keyed - High on marijuana or other drugs.
Kill-A-Hoe - Roughly describing the groups and sound of Hunter's Point groups 11/5, U.D.I., RBL, etc.
Killah - Alemany projects, San Francisco.
Killa Sharks- The people of San Jose
Killin' Fields - East Oakland is sometines refered to as the Killin' Fields because of the many random killings.
Krypt - Crack cocaine.

L -------------------------------------------------
Lex-luther- Lexus (car)
Lexi - Lexus.
Lightweight - As in "that shit is lightweight clean"...meaning like almost/kindof...or, "..ya i got lighweight faded off that." Or in a single
word response, "...were u busy today?" "lightweight."
Like Whaaaaat!!!! - The call of Oakland.
Los Negros - Greeting.
Lower Bottoms - Area in West Oakland Past Acorn projects.
LV - Short for the Lakeview area of San Francisco. Home of groups U.N.L.V. and Young Cellski.

M -------------------------------------------------
Mack-Murderer - Same as playa hater.
Mail - Money
Marinating - Chillin'
Mark - Sucka.
Mary Jane - Weed smoke.
Mashin' - Moving/driving quickly.
Mid Town - A set in E.P.A. (E.P.A.).
Mini Boppa - A young girl who will have sex with anyone.
Mishone - MISSION DISTRICT. Home of the Nortenos.
M.O.B. Money Over Bitches (Oakland).
Mob Heata - A bangin' ass thugged out beat
Moe - Short for the Fillmore.
M.O.H.-Mob of Hamos a samoan blood gang. Hamo means samoan.
Mop - Beat some fool down (Fillmoe).
Mouthpiece - The ability to speak a good game for whatever you need done.
Murda Dubs - East Oakland 20's (Dubs)
Murph - To choke a ni**a out. Ex: "That ni**a got murphed out!!"
My Nezzy - my nig - my nay-wear.

N -------------------------------------------------
Nade - Blunt laced with crack cocaine.
Narf or tha Nolia - North Richmond.
Nathan - Nothing.
New Frontier - How to ask your pahtnah to front you a eigth over the phone.
Nickle & Dime - 15th street in tha Rich.
Nickel Shot - A five story public housing building in the Fillmore of San Francisco. Destroyed in the 1990s.
Nina - 9mm pistol.
Nilla - My ni**a
Nizzle - Ni**a
Nortenos - Gangbangers from Northern Cali ("Norte").
North Pole - North Oakland.
Notch - Good looking; top of the line; on a scale from 1 to 10, is a 10

O -------------------------------------------------
o.a.k. - Oakland.
Oakdale - projects in Hunters Point. Home of Cold World Hustlers, Dush Tray, and U.D.I.
Oaktown - Oakland.
OB - Over Bitches/Only Bosses.
O.C - "Outta Control" public housing projects in the Fillmore of San Francisco. Recently destroyed.
OH BOY! - It's crackin'.
On one - drunk / high (E.P.A.).
Off the Heezy - "Off the hook" something crazy.
Out the Frame - Unbelievable/crazy
Out the pockets - Getting out of hand.
Outta bounds - on the wrong side, in an unwanted, or uncomfortable area.

P -------------------------------------------------
Pigeon - Fake, broke ass,layzie ass female.
Pixx - Peace; I'm outta here.
P-ride - Pimp ass car.
Pallay - Party
Paper - Cash, money, mail.
Peanut - Chump.
Perk, Perkulate, Perkulation - the act of getting intoxicated.
PH - Potrero Hill, San Francisco.
Pote - A Newport cigarette.
P-ride - Pimp ass car.
Pillow - fat sack of weed.
Penelopes- Police (E40)
Pervin- Intoxicated. Drunk.
Playa Hater - Somebody who hates a player because he/she has game. Someone who is jealous.
Ph'in - The act of playa hating.
The Point - Hunter's Point. Area in the southern part of the City.
Popos - The police.
Product - T and A on a female.
Pure Puruvian - Quality cocaine.

Q.Z. - Quarter ounce

Remmy - A crack blunt.
Ridin on candy - Expensive, wet looking paint that is expensive
RIP - A female that gets around.
Ripper or rip-nut - a girl who has sex with anyone.
Robo Thug - E.P.A. Gangstas (Totally Insane) (E.P.A.).
Rodrigo - Marijuana.
Rollin Huneds - 100th street on down , in East Oakland.
Rope - Weed.
Roper - Weed.
Rogue-Dog - Homie,patna(what's up rogue)made in the bay, but frequently used by ni**as in EPA.
Ron Superior - 151 Bacardi.
RWC - short for REDWOOD CITY in the Bay Area.

San Francyco - San Francisco
Sa Hob - People from Vallejo's Hillside District. aka homies and folks.
Saucy- something that is clean as hell, tight.
San Ho - San Jose.
Sa Hob- People from Vallejo's Hillside District.
San Lee- Short for San Leandro.
Savage - Crazy as fuck, ruthless.
"sch" - Adding "sch" to the beginning of a word. Example: 7/11 would be "schemevin eleven." Smoke = "Schmoke." (From San Jo)
Scrapper - Buick with the candy paint ridin dubs.
Scully - A girl that gives lots of oral sex.
SFG, SFGs - San Francisco Gangster(s); San Francisco Money.
SFM - San Francisco Mission
Shards - Crystal meth.
Sick Fitty - 650 the whole San Mateo county.
Sick Side - Southside San Jose.
Sideshow - The act of spinning your car real fast in an intersection (Oakland).
Skully Mouldaz - Headshots, headerz, oral sex.
Sco - Short for San Francisco
Scrilla - Money. Cash. Also Scrill. Gotta get my scrill on.
Scratch - Money
Scratch Paper- Money
Scrub - Triflin, layzie ass dude.
Scurvey (sheisty, shadey) - being greedy with your stuff or holding your shit back. To hog on it yourself
Sceolla.- A quater key of crack cocane
Scraps - Hating on surenos.
SFC - San Francisco City or Sucka Free City, depending on what kind of sucka you are.
"She ready" - A girl ready for sex.
Sherm - PCP
Side-bustin' - Getting involved in what doesn't concern you, why you side-bustin'.
Sideways - gone. "I'm outta here ."
Skirby - Actin scared.
Smebben - Mobbin'.
Smell me - To understand.
S.O.S.-Sons of Samoa a crip gang.
Spacer - A girl who open her legs for any ni**a.
Speez-at(Speez-aught )- House, place.
Spittin' - Mackin on a honey.
Sprinkle- Tellin facts
Square - Punk ass ni**a.
Square Beezy - B*tch that aint got sh*t, doesnt got there game together
S.S.R. -Souf Syde Richmond.
Stacking - Making money.
Stunnas - Glasses (Mac Dre)
Sticky Gooey - Super chronic marijuana.
Super-sidin'- Crossin' yo ni**az for a bitch.
Su Side - South Vallejo.
The Stick - Candlestick, in San Francisco, home of the SF 49ers and Giants.
Swamps - Slang for the Sunnydale projects in the southern part of San Francisco.
Swolls - To be buff.
Sucka Free - Meaning San Francisco. Free from all you suckas.
Surenos - Surenos, Sur, Southerners, or the number 13 which stands for "M" referring to the Mexican Mafia.
Swangin it - Hittin dougnuts.
Sweet Swishers - Group of fine ass females.
Swoop - Picking something up.

T -------------------------------------------------
The 5 - 50th street in East Oakland.
The function - Black Saturdays.
The nifty - A 5.0 mustang , seen a lot in Oakland.
The 50 - 5.0 mustang.
The point - Hunters Point in San Francisco.
The Rich - Richmond.
The Tank- San Jose, Killafornia
The White House - The daly city police station.
The Town - Oakland.
The Vill - Area in E.P.A.
Thizz (thizzing)- High of the drug extasy (Mac Dre).
Takin Mine - gettin on my nerves. "Ni**a u takin mine."
Telly - hotel room.
Temples - Temple 1 or Temple 2 (in tha Rich).
Tenda - Someone who is hella fine.
Thick - Describing a women's body. A female who is more than a notch. Skinny, not fat.
Titan - Big balla
TL - Tenderloin district downtown.
To beat - To have sex.
Towerside - The Geneva Towers in San Francisco. mafia
Trees - weed.
Twamp - 20 dollar sack of weed
Twirk - A girl thats ready for sex.
Twiznamp - a fat pilow gram of bomb.
Twomps - The area in east Oakland from 20th-29th street.

U -------------------------------------------------
Une Town - Union City.
UNLV - Us Nortenos Love Violence.
UNLV - Underground niggaz living violently.
UNLV - Lakeview district, San Francisco.

V -------------------------------------------------
Vega - Garci y Vega is a brand of cigars used to roll marajuana. The West Coast version of Phillies Blunts.
Valley Joe - Vallejo. Home of E-40 and the Click.
VGs - The Valencia Gardens Housing Projects, aka the Valley of the Giant.
The Vil - Housing progects on 69th ave in East Oakland (Villa, 69 Vil)
V-Town - Vallejo. Home of E-40 and the Click, Mac Mall, Mac Dre, and Potna Duece.

W -------------------------------------------------
Walnut - Block in Oakland.
Wassuper - What's goin on? A greeting.
Westbound - from West Oakland.
"What it do" - The call when you want somebody to do a doughnut.
White Girl - cocaine. Ex. "Do u need that white girl?"
Weeble - Friend/peer.
Westpoint - A place in Hunter's Point.
Whoride - To act crazy , or clown somebody.
Wolfing - Yelling.

Y -------------------------------------------------
Yadadamean?!- you know what i mean?! (San Jose)
Yak- Cognac.
Yak Butter - pu**y,"hit that yak butter." Young Mo
Yayo - The Bay Area.
Yayo Cola - Crack.
Yoc town - Antioch.
Yola - Coke.
The Yae, Yay Area - The Bay Area

Z -------------------------------------------------
Zeez - Sleeping with a girl.
Zips - Ounces of any drug